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Barnett Bros., Inc.
41375 State Hwy. 13, Kilkenny • 507-364-8869

Big Jeff's Tattoo & Jewelry
Jeff Baldwin  580 Dodd Road, Kilkenny612-756-1723

Bud's Standard Service
Eugene F Mach, Jr. 155 S Kilkenny Rd, Kilkenny • 507-595-2421

Church of St. Canice
183 Maple Street, Kilkenny • 507-595-2561

Don Hanks Construction & Excavating
45398 State Highway 13, Kilkenny • 507-595-3000

First National Bank of Kilkenny
134 N Kilkenny Rd, Kilkenny • 507-595-2273 • www.fnblecenter.com

Kilkenny Screw Products - Machine Shop
John Hummel • 16424 Leroy Ave., Kilkenny • 507-595-2344

Knish Kustomz Automotive Upholstery
Dan Knish • 507-210-5902 • www.knishkustomz.com

Murphy's Pub

Mark, Renee and Chadd Nelson • 507-595-2283 • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Murphys-Pub/330641340346996?ref=br_tf

Post Office

156 S Laurel Ave, Kilkenny • 507-595-2700 • www.usps.com

St. John's Lutheran Church

The Liquor Hole
191 North Vinegar Hill Lane, Kilkenny • 507-595-2084

West Side Repair
Dale Hamele • 381 W Dodd Road, Kilkenny  • 507-595-2506


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