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February 2017 Regular Meeting




FEBRUARY 13, 2017


There was a regular meeting of the Kilkenny City Council held in Council Chambers starting at 7:00 p.m. on February 13, 2017.


Council in attendance: Cameron Hankins, Terry Ferch, Jeff Baldwin, Luke Wetzel

Staff in attendance: City Clerk Tanya Hankins

Persons in attendance: Steve Stangler, Tim Sellner, Gene Maach, Jason Moran


  1. Call to Order. Luke Wetzel called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

  2. Pledge of Allegiance

  3. Approval of Minutes. Regular meeting held January 9, 2017. Motion by Jeff Baldwin, seconded by Terry Ferch to approve minutes as written. Unanimous vote. Motion carried.

  4. Approval of agenda. Motion by Jeff Baldwin, seconded by Cameron Hankins to approve the agenda as written. Unanimous vote. Motion carried.

  5. Staff Announcements

    1. None

  6. Presentations

    1. Church – Gene Maach. The Catholic Church in town is having issues with one of their sewer pipes, they had a company come in to check it out and found a split in one of their pipes. To fix it, it would mean ripping up part of the street to fix, so he’s wondering if instead the church could connect the social hall’s sewer into the main sewer that is connected to the house on the side of the church, Gene said it would be the cheapest fix. He said the biggest part that they are trying to do is avoid digging up part of the street which would be the biggest part of the potential expenses. Tim said the sewer lines would have to be inspected first to make sure the size of the pipes would be the right size. Gene said he would look into what the pipe sizes are and get back to the council so a decision can be made on what the best fix would be.

  7. New Business

    1. Mosquito Control – summer 2017. Terry Ferch mentioned she has a name and number from someone who brought someone in to spray their yard and highly recommended the city look into quotes to see if it would be worth getting someone new in to spray the city. Luke Wetzel thought the biggest issue with all the mosquito’s was all the standing water we had last year from the unusually heavy rain fall. Jeff Baldwin agreed that the spraying depends on the amount of rain we get again this year, but it doesn’t hurt to get other quotes. Jeff said it could be worth checking in to see what it would take to get treatment for the standing water in people’s backyards if we get a heavy rainfall year like we did last year. Terry said she would give a call to the guy whose number she received to see what they could quote for us to do for the city and hopefully have it by next meeting.

  8. Unfinished Business


  9. Approval of Disbursements. Motion by Jeff Baldwin, seconded by Terry Ferch to approve the City’s disbursements with the acceptation paying for the Bullheads Bar and Grill Expense and updating the EFT? Space on the disbursements to Website Maintenance. Unanimous vote. Motion carried. Motion by Jeff Baldwin, seconded by Terry Ferch to approve the Bullheads Bar and Grill Expense with the acceptation that the mayor asks the council ahead of time in the future. Unanimous Vote. Motion Carried.

  10. Impress Cash Fund. Impress cash fund doesn’t need to be reimbursed this month.

  11. Citizen Time

    1. Tim Sellner had a resident who had multiple pipes burst in their homes and he had to turn off their water supply to stop the water flow. Tim wanted to bring it up to the council that it is the resident’s responsibility to watch their own homes to make sure this is not happening/does not happen again. He said due to the placement of the home and driveway this person put in place, it took him approx. two hours to get the water shut off and the resident was very upset with him since he couldn’t get it shut off, when it’s not Tim’s fault. Tim said he thinks on top of that, he would like to get his tools updated to help accommodate the newer valves so he could get situations like this taken care of faster. Tim would like to get the notice out for inspections coming up. Jeff said he has time and he and Tim could get out and start to get these done.

    2. Steve Stangler is wondering if the grain bin lot in town across from Murphey’s Pub is zoned as a residential or commercial property. Jeff is pretty sure it is currently zoned as commercial but not to take his word on that. Steve is wondering what if it is sold, how to go about turning it into residential if the new owner would want to. City attorney Jason Moran said his opinion would be to think long and hard as to how he wants to sell it. Do they want to sell it as residential or commercial, it would be best to rezone it before selling if he wants to sell it as residential of which a public hearing needs to take place and go before the city council before it can be rezoned. Jason said he thought it would be better to be rezoned as residential but they have to decide. Steve was not sure what they were going to do but wanted some information on what they could do.

  12. Council Discussion

    1. Jeff Baldwin is wondering about the job description for Tim Sellner. Jason said he and Mayor Taaffe met with Tim to create a public works position of which he wrote up a copy for the council members to look over, which includes a check list of the things, which the council would like to see done each month. Tim said he is willing to take on these extra tasks and fill out the checklist to be presented at each council meeting to prove that things have been taken care of in town and give a report to the council members if there are any problems or issue in town. Tim said he has all the required licensing for the use of the equipment in town and will be allotted up to 60 hours a month to get the jobs done at $15/hour. To take over the work Rick Vollbrecht originally did, Tim will be taking classes to get the required licenses to complete his job. Jason said the council would need to make a motion to approve the job description, checklist and wages for hiring Tim as the public works position. Luke said he was wondering if its mandatory for the public works person to attend city council meetings since it describes he needs to report at each meeting, Jason said it does say in the job description he needs to attend each meeting. Tim said he would like to have set office hours so he doesn’t get people knocking on his door at night or stopping him when he’s out doing personal things to have him do something for them. Jeff said he wasn’t sure about office space but he thought it would be good to have calling hours and then a cell phone from the city for them to call that he can answer when someone needs help or to ask a question. Tim would like the hours to be about the same as the Secretary has since there is a close relationship between the two working together, it would be smoother to be able to talk to each other working things out and getting messages relayed correctly. Tim said at this time he doesn’t think there is a need from him to have a city computer, but it would be nice for him to have a city cell phone that he can answer during hours so he’s not using his personal phone. Jeff said he would like to get phones for both clerk and public works. Motion by Jeff Baldwin, seconded by Cameron Hankins to get two city phones, one for the city clerk and one for the Public Works person to have a way for residents to contact them. Unanimous Vote. Motion Carried. Jeff asked what kind of hours Tim is willing to work, Tim said he is busy during May and June so he isn’t opposed to working weekends, but when he’s not busy other months, it would generally be during the week and he would like to coordinate with the new clerk office hours, so they could both be in the office at the same time. Jeff then asked what his calling hours will be for residents with a problem to call; Tim suggested 9am to 5pm to be posted as his calling hours. Motion by Jeff Baldwin, seconded by Cameron Hankins to accept the written plan for hiring Tim Sellner for the position of Public Works with calling hours from 8am to 6pm. Unanimous Vote. Motion Carried.

  13. Adjourn. Motion by Jeff Baldwin, seconded by Terry Ferch to adjourn the meeting at 8:46 pm.






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Tanya Hankins

City Clerk